Katch Invest

The Company

Katch Investment Group is a dynamic asset management boutique offering innovative investment solutions in a constantly changing and challenging financial market environment.

The group was founded by three partners that combine in-depth financial market knowledge, a history of consistent outperformance and strong analytical skills.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, major central banks’ liquidity injections have inflated traditional asset classes, while new regulations have reduced the banks’ desire and capability to lend to smaller businesses. We identified these trends and decided to launch open-ended investment vehicles that invest in short-term lending and financing opportunities.

We focus on areas where the capital supply is scarce that offer relatively high and stable returns for investors.


Katch analyzes a wide range of segments within the private debt area to offer unique and uncorrelated investment vehicles. Our main investment objective is to produce long-term capital appreciation for our investors.

Innovative Investment Solutions

Katch focuses on and favors niches within the private debt environment that consist of different type of lending solutions for small- and medium-sized companies.

Due to a lack of capital supply, these niches allow our team to structure high-yielding investment vehicles.

All our investments are backed by strong guarantees, which usually consist of hard assets with a value of at least 130% of the loan’s value. In some cases, in addition to the collaterals, we buy insurance against defaults from well-known insurance companies.

Katch strongly believes in diversification. It is an important technique that reduces economic, industry, country, and other risks.

In contrast to other private debt boutiques, we analyze and select investment opportunities globally to find and implement the strategies with the most attractive risk/reward profile.


Katch partners with best-of-class entities in Luxembourg, and other countries to ensure integrity, transparency, and reliable services.

Fuchs Asset Management SA is a fully owned subsidiary of Fuchs & Associés, an independent and family-owned European group under the supervision of the CSSF (Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority).

Fuchs Asset Management SA has been a leader in the industry since 2000 and is well-known for its excellence as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager.

Circle Partners is an independent, well-established global fund administrator with a strong presence in Luxembourg and a focus on alternative investment vehicles.

Circle is an independent fund administrator providing a comprehensive range of specialist fund administration solutions to established investment managers and start-up funds with strong potential.

KPMG is part of the “Big Four” global auditors, which are well-known for the quality, and reliability of the services they provide.

KPMG is involved in analyzing financial information and records to issue and ensure the validity and legality of our financial audits.

Banque de Patrimoine Privés is a fast-growing institutional with more than USD 7 billion of funds under custody that is based in Luxembourg and regulated by the CSSF. Banque de Patrimoine Privés specializes in the alternative space in Luxembourg.

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